The opening of the conference will take place on Thursday, 23 October at 14.30 hrs. at the Aula of the University of Amsterdam. Registration begins on Thursday, 23 October, 10.00 AM at the Department of Theatre Studies (University Theatre)
7 Keynote speakers & art installations by Marie Jo Lafontaine, Michael Fahres, Ibrahim Quraishi, and Tjebbe van Tijen are all part of the conference.
First web site of the Orbis Pictus ~ Theatrum Mundi conference launched in early spring 2008 with 'Orbis Digitalium Picts' scroll...

"Call for Papers" by Kati Röttger that started this conference, using 'deep documentation and 'transposing windows' to visualize its references ... All 150 abstracts that answered the call and were selected for the conference are on-line now ... The final program is finally there and can be downloaded in portable file format.
Theatre performances on the occasion of the conference by Andrea Božić, Ricky Seabra, andcompany&Co, Volker Gerling and a performance installation by drama students from Bochum directed by Nicole Beutler, David Weber-Krebs and Igor Dobricic
  Circulus Vicissitudinis Rerum Humanarum Cycle of the vicissitudes of human affairs depicted by Maarten van Heemskerck 1564